Still Not Boring (trouble841) wrote in losinglunch,
Still Not Boring

Sandwiches for lunch

I like to bring sandwiches for lunch, but have several issues with doing so:

- they're often icky by lunchtime, if they aren't refrigerated
- if packed ahead of time and stored in the fridge, they can be icky
(usually one or the other, not both)

- meat and bread go bad in my house as my kids don't pack lunches, and rabbit doesn't often do sandwiches for lunch
- my preferred sandwich is tuna salad - which actually does qualify for *both* of the refrigeration issues

- I run out of ideas for yummy sandwiches, to the point that PB&J starts to look good.

Anybody else bring sandwiches? What kind?

Note: I do have a fridge at work that I have access to, but it stinks so badly that some days I won't put food in it.
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